My Services

1.Custom Website Development

If you need any type of website developed, I offer my developing services at a fair price. Currently I am the software team leader for a famous newspaper in Vietnam, called Tuoitre. Right now I over see all of the newspaper's website development. This position takes a very dedicated type of person to complete the roles and responsibilities for it. I have been developing website for about five years now. I have developed website in PHP, MySQL, Centos, Amazon services for Backend and html, html5, css, javascript for Frontend. I can build a website from scratch but I have extensive experience building sites with Yii framework and my own Content Mangement System: GXC-CMS.

2.Website Speed Optimization

I have managed several website's speed and have improved most of the sites speed tremendously. Improving your website's speed improve can help improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the website as well. I will do a full analyze on your website speed and tell you what you should do to improve it. Sometimes you just need to move certain tags or compress a few files to increase your website speed. I will spend a good amount of time analyzing your website and then send you a full report on how it can improve.


If you need help developing or maintaining your website, I offer my website consulting services. Whether it may be coding issues to hosting your website, I can help. I can easily support you in developing your website through team viewer or Skype. If you need to we can take things slow, I am know to be patience. I can walk you through every step it takes to make the developing process of your website better. No matter if, you are new to website development or a pro that needs a little advice, I am here to help for as long as it takes..

Please contact me if you would like to purchase any of my services listed above. All my prices are fair and if needed negotiable.